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Christians Must Practice Their Faith Outside the Church

Change doesn’t always come from here. Slain New York City police officer Rafael Ramos had one of those dangerous jobs that made showing up every day a quiet act of heroism. But as the testimonies that came spilling out after his December 2014 shooting death make clear, he was a hero for another reason, too: Ramos was a man of ...

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Kansas City church forgives Billy Butler for stealing second

Post by Asbury United Methodist Church Prairie Village, KS. It’s a pretty big deal to get a pass on one of the Ten Commandments, but this is Royals baseball after all. Asbury United Methodist Church is the most baseball-loving church we know; previously they took credit for Kansas City’s 10-game win streak, now this. SBNation.com – All Posts

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Pope Francis Remarks Move the Catholic Church Closer to Modernity

Why is it that people think the way to deal with a problem that appears to have gotten out of control, or a standard that seems to be changing too quickly, is to make the rules even more draconian? That tactic often has the opposite effect, actually. And it’s heartening to see that Pope Francis understands that. [SEE: Cartoons on ...

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