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Samsung’s Gear S2 has the first certified eSIM that lets you choose carriers

The day the physical SIM card disappears is slowly getting closer. Last year, we heard that Samsung, Apple, and various mobile carriers were working to create a new standard for embedded or eSIMs (programmable SIMs that allow you to switch carriers without swapping the physical card in your device). Now, the GSMA has announced a new eSIM specification for smartwatches, fitness ...

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Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson rumored members of task force to choose next U.S. Ryder Cup captain

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson make for a lousy Ryder Cup twosome but the U.S. superstars are poised to team up to help revamp the Americans’ system for choosing captains and players. Brandel Chamblee will not be happy about this. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, whom Chamblee blamed for “corrupting” the Ryder Cup experience after the Europeans decimated the Tiger-less but ...

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Cancer Victim Told ‘Your Face Or Your Life.’ Which Would YOU Choose? [Warning, Graphic Content]

The Daily Mail is carrying the heartrending story of Donnie Fritts, 55, a retired carpenter who, in 2003, was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of cancer. His doctors told him that he would have to make an agonizing choice – his face or his life. This type of cancer is so rare, there have only ever been 26 recorded ...

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