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Milwaukee Brewers Ban Blocks High Fives After Pink-Eye Breakout: Who Is Impacted, And What Does It Involve?

The Milwaukee Brewers have instigated a ban on the traditional high-five congratulatory salutes after a pink-eye breakout. Although it might sound like an odd punishment for a baseball team known to spontaneously press palms together after a great play, the ban is intended to prevent the spread of the disease, according to Bleacher Report. The decision to implement the new ...

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German brewers push into the craft beer market with new hops

In a microbrewery in a trendy Berlin neighborhood, Thorsten Schoppe, one of a wave of beer-makers using new German ingredients to create non-traditional brews, pours hop pellets into a copper vat. “We only use four ingredients, and that’s one of them,” said Schoppe, as the faintly sour scent of beer begins to emanate from the boiling water and malt, “so ...

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