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Blame Diabetes For Low Breast Milk After Pregnancy – Insulin Levels Affect Lactation, But Blood Sugar Can Be Regulated By Breastfeeding, Suggests Research

Diabetes during pregnancy is responsible for lower breast milk production. However, breastfeeding is quite important for diabetic mothers as it can lower the need for artificial insulin intake, suggests a new research. A new research strongly indicates that diabetic women may experience significantly reduced quantity of breast milk post pregnancy. It seems diabetes also hinders the timely lactation of nursing ...

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Doctor, Author Says Breastfeeding Should Not Be Optional

Breastfeeding should not be considered optional any longer, according to Dr. Darcia Narvaez writing for Psychology Today in an article that is gaining significant online attention. Dr. Narvaez says that while women actually can choose not to breastfeed, the risks caused by choosing to feed a baby formula over breast milk are significant enough that women should not see it ...

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