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Stasi: Clinton, Trump and the race to the bottom

This past week in the presidential freak show: Hillary’s email scandal is not exactly the gift that keeps on giving, it’s more like the re-gift that you keep on getting. The latest, as reported by The New York Times, is that Hillary’s computer specialist, Paul Combetta, who deleted her emails despite being ordered by Congress to preserve them, was given ...

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How Sleep (or Lack of It) Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Filed under: How to Save Money Getty By Jim Gold Money never sleeps. However, you should, especially if you want to keep your fiscal health. Just one night’s lost sleep can cost you a bundle. “You need good self-control to make good financial decisions and plans,” says Todd Kashdan, George Mason University psychology professor and co-author of “The Upside of ...

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Will ‘Blackfish’ Sink SeaWorld’s Bottom Line?

Filed under: Earnings, Entertainment Industry, Scandals and Lawsuits, Vacation Planning Alamy A raft of musical acts are bowing out of gigs at SeaWorld (SEAS) parks — and they’re just a few of the folks suddenly not willing to visit. Heart, Willie Nelson, Martina McBride, Cheap Trick, and Barenaked Ladies have all canceled upcoming performances at the marine life theme parks ...

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