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Botox Is Not Only For Wrinkles, Found To Be A Treatment For The Heart

Botox injections are known as a cosmetic procedure for flawless, wrinkle-free skin. A new study has found that Botox is just as beneficial, if not more, for the heart. Injecting Botox into the heart can help it beat more steadily, specifically after intense surgical procedures like heart bypass surgery. Researchers at the University of Rochester conducted a study on the ...

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Not Just For Movie Stars: Rene Piedra DMD Explores Botox In Dentistry

Most people associate Botox* with smoothing out facial wrinkles. Its use and popularity has grown at an amazing rate in recent years, boosted by the publicity it has received from Hollywood celebrities, for whom image is everything. But who has ever heard of Botox being used in the field of dentistry? Rene Piedra DMD offers Botox in his Florida practice, ...

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