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Lauren Holiday: Former Soccer Star To Have Brain Surgery To Remove Tumor, Waiting Until She Gives Birth Before Surgery

Lauren Holiday, a former U.S. soccer player, has a brain tumor that needs to be surgically removed. The tumor on Holiday’s brain is benign and does not pose a threat to her unborn child. Since the tumor is benign and not a threat to her baby, Us Magazine is reporting that Holiday has decided to hold off on having the ...

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Premature Birth Could Impact Physical Fitness Later In Life

Preterm young adults have weaker muscular fitness than their counterparts born at full-term, according to a recent study carried out by Finnish researchers. These young adults also perceive themselves as less fit than their counterparts. The study, which assessed muscular, cardiorespiratory, and self-rated fitness in preterm born young adults, further suggests that young adults born prematurely perceive themselves as less ...

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Low Birth Weight Babies More Than Three Times As Likely To Have These Devastating Problems

Unfortunately, researchers have discovered that premature and low birth-weight infants are at risk for even more lifelong problems than previously known. It has already been well established that they may suffer from developmental delays, lung problems, cerebrovascular bleeds, and retinal detachments. But more potential problems have emerged that may cause the stress of dealing with these other issues much harder. ...

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