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Cotton Ball Diet Gaining Popularity, Worrying Health Officials

The cotton ball diet has become quite popular among girls looking to lose weight, and this new diet trend has health officials worried. According to International Business Times, this new fad diet involves dipping cotton balls into orange juice, lemonade, or a smoothie before swallowing them whole. The mindset behind the diet is that the cotton balls will help them ...

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Mike Glennon is having some trouble throwing the ball

No, throw the ball FORWARD, MIke. In my opinion, throwing the ball is an important football skill for quarterbacks to have when trying to get the ball to their wide receivers. By throwing the ball through the air, the ball travels more quickly than if you ran over and gave them the ball. Therefore, it is an important thing for ...

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Adobe reads the crystal ball for 2013 online shopping season

What happens when you crunch billions of bytes of data? You can come up with some pretty good predictions. Adobe Digital Index unveiled its crystal ball prophecies for this year’s online shopping season, and it looks like it’s going to be a doozy. Not only does Adobe Systems predict this year will see the highest-ever online spending during the US ...

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