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New Drug In Clinical Trials Turns ‘Bad’ White Fat Into ‘Good’ Brown Fat – Could Aide In Diabetes Treatment As Well

Researchers have developed a drug that can convert white fat, that is considered bad for the human body, into brown fat, which is beneficial. The experimental weight-loss drug that will eventually help people burn fat has been trialed in mice, and the results are highly promising. The new drug, technically referred to as GC-1, has successfully boosted mice’s metabolism, and ...

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This 3-minute teaser for ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff ‘Better Call Saul’ is pretty much just two scenes and weird country music

Anyone who stayed up to the end of AMC’s Breaking Bad marathon on Sunday got a big surprise: a three-minute Better Call Saul teaser featuring country music icon Junior Brown and a flailing demonic airdancer. The big news is the theme song, a darkly hokey country tune that doubles as Saul’s official jingle, telling tales of murder, kidnapping and arson. ...

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