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Amber Rose & Blac Chyna — Trinidad T&A Party Don't Stop (PHOTOS)

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are still in Trinidad … feeding orphans and building local schools.  KIDDING, of course — they’re really just keeping the party going post-Carnival in the lowest of low-cut tops and anything that hugs their asses … which is everything. We got shots of them all over the island. It’s the perfect ass Wednesday chaser.   FUN ...

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Amber fossil suggests dinosaurs may have eaten ancient LSD

Brooks HaysCORVALLIS, Ore., Feb. 11 (UPI) — Researchers have discovered the world’s oldest piece of grass, perfectly preserved inside an piece of amber unearthed in Myanmar. Latest News – UPI.com

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Amber Rose and Nick Simmons — We’re Just Friends … WINK

Nick Simmons swears up and down he and Amber Rose are just friends … but it reeks of a cover up. Nick and Amber were once again out on the town last night and hit up the Roxy.  When we asked about their “new relationship” … Nick tried shooting down the whole thing. When our photog reminded him of the ...

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