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‘Adulting’ Program Launched At East Carolina University: Students Seeking Crisis Counselling Taught How To Act Like An Adult

A university has begun offering courses on how to take on adult life and its challenges. The course, meant to prepare students to accept failure as part of adult life, was introduced after realizing an alarming number of students were signing up for crisis counseling. East Carolina University (ECU) has begun offering “Adulting” classes to help students deal with the ...

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Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Via Adult Stem Cells Could Help Athletes Like Nene

Plantar Fasciitis treatment via adult stem cell is proving to be a productive line of medical research. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Plantar fasciitis unfortunately affects many sports stars, even in the Chicago Bulls. For example, the latest sports star to suffer from Plantar fasciitis is Nene of the Washington Wizards. Despite suffering from the pain, he’s continued to ...

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