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12 Out-of-the-Ordinary Trips that Cost Just $1,000

Filed under: Travel, How to Save Money, Airfare Rob Wilkinson/Alamy The editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance The February issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine features 32 smart ways to spend $ 1,000. Among the suggestions are ways to add a little excitement to your life through travel. Here are 12 out-of-the-ordinary trips you can take for about $ 1,000. Ideas ...

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Sovaldi $1000 Pill Cures Hepatitis C, But Will Obamacare Pay?

Sovaldi is a new wonder drug that can cure Hepatitis C — but each pill costs $ 1000! That’s a real headache for Medicaid health insurance programs. Maybe the health managers could take aspirin to cure that– it’s a lot cheaper than Sovaldi. But it won’t solve the problem of how they’re going to pay for the treatment. According to ...

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Angry Flier Spends $1,000 on Promoted Tweets to Trash British Airways

Filed under: Consumer Ally, Travel A British man was unhappy with the customer service he received from British Airways, so he took to Twitter to complain. That’s not unusual. But what he did next took things to another level: He paid Twitter to promote his angry tweets, bringing his customer service dispute to the masses. It all started when Hasan ...

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