South Dakota Voters To Consider Legalizing Marijuana On 2020 Ballot After Petition Gets Enough Signatures

a woman holds a pipe with marijuana and a lighter

South Dakota medical marijuana-legalization advocates have gathered enough signatures to put a legalization initiative on the ballot for the 2020 election, Rapid City’s KOTA-TV reported. If the measure passes, the state would become the 34th to legalize marijuana, whether for recreational or medicinal use, pending the outcome of other states that will be voting on legalization next year.

By law, it takes 16,961 valid signatures to get an initiative qualified for a ballot measure in South Dakota. Measure 26 garnered 25,524 signatures, which were verified and deemed legitimate by South Dakota Secretary of State Steve Barnett on Thursday.

Barring a challenge to the validity of the signatures, which must be filed by January 20, South Dakota voters will vote on the measure on November 3.

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