Several Dentists Take Part In Dentist With A Heart Program

The Dentist with a Heart program helps those who can't afford dental care to receive it for one day for free.

Several dentists in different parts of the country have been, and still are, taking part in the Dentists with a Heart Program. The Dentists with a Heart Program is a great program that allows for those who don’t have dental insurance, are out of work, or just can’t pay for their dental exam, to come in and get certain things done on their teeth. Some of the things these dentists are giving away include cleanings, routine extractions, x-rays, and exams at no cost to the patients.

The program serves those on a first-come basis and is done every year at certain dental offices in the country. According to the National Daily Press, many dentists, their staff, dental hygienists, and dental assistants volunteer their time to help those in need. One dental hygienist at Dr. Weinhold’s office says that she does it for the satisfaction of helping others and giving back to the world. She says that many of their patients they help with this program send them thank-you notes and even bring them treats to show how grateful they are for the dental care they have given to them.

This program has been going on since 2005. Dr. Weinhold’s office has been participating in Dentist with a Heart for nine years now. Midwest Dental, another dentist’s office in Fox Valley, Illinois, where Dr. Weinhold and 12 other dentists are participating in the program, has been participating in the program for seven years now. These two dental offices started this year giving away these important dental exams, routine extractions, and more on Friday, Feb. 5.

Dentist with a Heart is a great way to get free dental care you need.
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According to the National Daily Press, for one day every year, participating dentists help their community with these services they are offering for free. No appointments have to be made because patients just walk in and get done what they can and need when otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to afford it. However, like mentioned above, patients are seen on a first-come and first-served basis. Also, those who come in with pain will be seen before anyone else. Although they are offering these free services, they do not offer certain services in the program including filling, crowns, root canals, and they will not make dentures for free. These services are not included in the program.

The report also says that more than $ 1 million worth of free dental care for those who need it but can’t afford it has been donated since the program started back in 2005. According to Dr. Weinhold, his office has given away at least $ 300,000 worth of dental services since his office started participating in the program nine years ago.

You can find a list of dentist offices in the country who participate in the program on the website. The website also tells you when a certain dentist will be participating in the program.

Although many dentists will only perform routine extractions for free to those who need it during the program, according to the Bowling Green Daily News, Dr. Jackson, from Chandler Park Dental Care in Bowling Green, Illinois, had to perform a full-mouth extraction during the free program. He says they do some things that aren’t usually included in the free program, if something important is needed. Dr. Jackson said this was an important procedure he performed on Friday, since it was severely needed for the patient.

There is also a program called Give a Kid a Smile Day where dentists provide free dental care for children only.
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Not only did several dentists across the country perform these free services for one day, and do-so every year during this time, Destiny Dental also had a free service open for children only on the same day. The Dentists with a Heart program is only open to those people who are 18-years-old and older but Destiny Dental offered a free dental service for children only at the same time. It is called Give Kids a Smile Day and treats children who are without dental insurance or Medicaid.

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