One Small Glass of Wine a Week During Pregnancy Won’t Harm Child, Says Doctor

Wine while pregnant

Recent studies have divulged a secret: it has stated that one glass of wine a week does not harm the child. Children who are born to women who have been drinking one glass of wine a week do not suffer from any kind of behavioral or cognitive problems, suggests a recent study.

The issue of pregnancy and drinking has raised much controversy. In the year 2007, the Department of Health published asked women to stay away from alcohol of them are planning a baby. Official guidance from doctors was for a long time that drinking while there is a baby in the womb can cause serious damage to the development of the brain of the fetus. Hence it is to be avoided. It was also termed that the child’s ability to balance and his neurological development hampered if one is to drink heavily. The National Institute of health and Clinical Excellence too pointed out that heavy drinking can result in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) that cause retarded mental and behavioral patterns.

Light Drinking During Pregnancy

It has been conclusively established that women who drink heavily during their pregnancy are more likely to have children who have health and development related problems than the nondrinkers. But what about low level of alcohol consumption! Does it have the same effects on the child? The answer is that it does not. Drinking lightly during pregnancy can nowhere be related to behavioral or cognitive adversities in children. So, would be mothers if you have stored wine in your dual zone wine coolers rejoice this Christmas!

Recent Research Inferences in BJOG

A recent study published in a leading magazine- Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has mentioned results that have been done taking ten thousand children aged seven into consideration. They were tested for their cognitive skills and their parents and teachers interviewed with questionnaires. The observation that was inferred was not only startling but also interesting to note- they noted that children being born to light drinkers, those who consumed two or lesser units in a week, had lower behavioral adversities and cognitive problems as compared to women who absolutely abstained from liquor through the entire tenure of pregnancy. These children when they were tested for their cognitive skills as well as mathematics, spatial and reading skills performed better. The boys were especially seen to do notable well. They had better reading skills even in their own group, and their spatial skills were very comprehensive.

What was concluded from this research was that light drinking during pregnancy did not really have a negative impact, and this was established- Professor Yvonne Kelly of the University College, London has said this.

Another Study

Another individual study, referred by the online medical journal BMJ has stated similar results. In the study, seven thousand children aged around ten were tested for their balancing capabilities on a beam for standing on one leg in place for twenty seconds with eyes open and then closed. Every child was given two chances, and results recorded. The results were then tallied against their mothers and it was seen that women who drank at low levels, were happier after the delivery and their children had better static balancing capabilities.


The government had advised women to avoid altogether drinking if they are planning or carrying a baby. But if they are inclined to do so then it should not cross more than two units in a week, half a pint of beer comprises of one unit whereas one glass of wine comprises of one or one and a half units.

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