Obamacare Will Likely Always Be Unpopular

Maybe one of the few.

The percentage of uninsured Americans is the lowest on record, after taking a deep dip from the April deadline for enrollment in health plans mandated under the Affordable Care Act. 

After Obamacare, two-thirds of women have free birth control.

But data points showing the law is accomplishing some of its goals aren’t enough to make Americans like it though, according to a new poll from Gallup. More Americans say the health law has hurt them instead of helped them, and almost half believe the Affordable Care Act will make health care worse in the long run, not better. 

While 41 percent of Americans approve of the law, 53 percent disapprove. Compared with survey results from early 2014, more people say the law helped them (10 percent to 16 percent) and more say the law has hurt them (19 percent to 27 percent). Less say it had no effect on their family.

A graph showing public opinion on the Affordable Care Act

As expected, opinion follows party lines. While 66 percent of Democrats think the law will have a positive national impact in the long term, only 6 percent of Republicans feel the same. 

A table showing approval and disapproval of the Affordable Care Act.

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