Nick Cassavetes Sues Over Gambling Debt



Famed director Nick Cassavetes is going after one of his buddies … suing him for a $ 72,000 check that bounced all over L.A — and sources tell us it’s a big fat gambling debt.

The director of “The Notebook” is suing L.A. business mogul Kevin Washington for the loot.  Kevin gave Nick a handwritten check for $ 72,600 and allegedly stopped payment.

Nick has famously gambled huge sums of money at private homes around L.A.   We broke the story … Nick was sued in 2011 by the trustee of a convicted hedge fund manager over a $ 73,000 poker debt.  Nick won the loot in a poker game and the trustee said it was dirty money that the hedge fund manager stole from investors.

As for Kevin — he certainly has enough money for the check to clear.  His dad owns Montana Rail Link — the largest privately owned railroad company in the U.S. Kevin’s a partner in an aviation company.

Nick apparently believes Kevin had no intention of paying from the get go, because he’s suing for 3 times the value of the check — as punishment.