NFL Star Dwight Freeney — TEAMS UP WITH KOBE BRYANT … Kick-Ass Surprise for At-Risk Youth



This is a VERY COOL moment caught on tape … when NFL star Dwight Freeney meets up with Kobe Bryant — and gives a bunch of kids in an after-school program the surprise of their lives!!! 

It all went down in San Diego on October 6th — Dwight took 10 kids from the After School All Stars program (helping at-risk youth) to watch the Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets. 

But after the game, the gang went to a VIP area … where they all got to meet The Black Mamba!! 

Check out the clip — the kids are pumped, Kobe’s pumped, Dwight’s pumped … and they all took pics to memorialize the special moment.

Pretty cool, right?

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