Mississippi State QB Dak Prescott ‘okay’ after spring break attack

Prescott was one of three players reportedly involved in the incident.

Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott was one of three players involved in an altercation during a Tuesday concert in Panama City.

Prescott suffered facial cuts after being hit with a bottle, a Mississippi State spokesperson told the Associated Press. He did not need to go to the hospital. Via the Clarion-Ledger, Panama City police report Prescott refused to press charges, saying in part, “A bunch of dudes were hating on me … I don’t need this publicity. I’m a football player.”

Police also describe Prescott as “the victim.” One Twitter user claimed to have beaten up Prescott, later deleting those tweets.

Defensive end Torrey Dale and wide receiver Damian Williams were also involved.

Williams confirmed the incident on Twitter, saying, “We got jumped for no reason, It’s sad we can’t go anywhere without being attacked by people” before deleting the tweet. A source told Brooks Roberts of Bulldog Sports Radio the players were punched and kicked “by a larger number of folks.”

Roberts tweeted a picture of what appears to be Prescott with blood on his face and body.

Multiple users have posted apparent video of the fight on social media, including a video that appears to show Prescott on the ground getting kicked in the head.

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