Michael Jordan doesn't respect beer pong rules


Michael Jordan is the best player in the history of a sport that involves throwing a ball into a cylinder. Because of this, one might think he’s good at another sport that involves throwing a smaller ball into a smaller cylinder.

However, there is visual evidence that Michael Jordan is blatantly disrespectful of one of the most basic rules of beer pong: keeping your elbows behind the table:

The elbow rule does not apply to Michael Jordan. pic.twitter.com/KSJgqRdQ2e

— Total Frat Move (@totalfratmove) November 13, 2013

(Picture originally from here, so far as we can tell.)

That said, are you going to be the guy to call elbows on Michael Jordan? Yeah, we didn’t think so. (Also, it looks like he might not be able to move back any further.)

Then again, considering the documentary Space Jam demonstrates his ability to stretch his arm elastically, shouldn’t he be able to put the ball into the cup without extending his elbow across the table? We need new rules to protect against that.

Yes, there are several pictures of Michael Jordan playing pong at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami Beach on social media We’d also like to point out that Michael Jordan is a) wearing a Jordan t-shirt and b) wearing Jordan 11 Concords. Michael Jordan loves being Michael Jordan. To be fair, we would too.

And we’re guessing there were at least $1,000 on this game. Probably closer to $10,000.