Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez Production Companies Sued Over ‘Q’Viva!’ — It’s a Grande Rip-Off


Marc Anthony
and Jennifer Lopez are a couple of show-stealing rip-off artists — so claims a guy who says their reality show “Q’Viva! The Chosen” was his idea … so he’s suing for $ 25 MILLION.

John Jacobs filed the lawsuit in New York, claiming he contacted Marc Anthony Productions and J.Lo’s Nuyorican Productions about his show idea “Miami Beach: The Game” in 2007 and 2008.

According to Jacobs, his idea was to combine two well-known Latino celebrities who would travel in search of the next big superstar.

Jacobs says both companies initially expressed interest, but ultimately ignored his phone calls.

Fast forward years later — Jacobs says he starts seeing ads for “Q’Viva!” starring Marc and Jennifer (which aired in 2012) and he was blown away by the similarities to his own show concept. In the lawsuit, Jacobs claims in 11-year-old fashion, “They were so similar that they were twins.”

He says he followed up with both companies as well as Univision to get to the bottom of the alleged thievery, but never heard back. Now he wants at least $ 25 million.

Marc’s company told us they couldn’t comment on the lawsuit.