Kelly Rutherford — I Need A Script … To Talk To My Ex


Kelly Rutherford‘s custody battle with her ex-husband is so hateful … they’re now under a court order to speak politely to each other, and get this — in certain situations they’re legally required to follow a SCRIPT!

The custody orders — obtained by TMZ — spell out precisely what Rutherford and her ex, Daniel Giersch, can and can’t say … and how to behave around their 2 young children.

The docs order them to “exchange polite and friendly greetings.”  And Giersch, who’s German, has to speak in English whenever they meet for the hand off.  — so he can’t trash her in a foreign language without her knowledge.

If a kid doesn’t want to leave one parent … there’s a drill for that, too … the adults must follow a script that’s actually included in the court order:

“Have a great time with [other parent]. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” and will say to the other parent, “[Name], please come and help me.”

The script thing may sound crazy, but hey, Kelly IS an actress.