How To Have Fun At The Essence Music Festival Without Tickets

Do you want to attend the Essence Music Festival 2018 but can’t find decent tickets?

I know exactly how you feel! For years I longed to go to the Essence Festival only to think that without tickets, it would be impossible to have an amazing time. So I can totally understand what you’re going through.

But, I learned several secrets the festival organizers don’t want us to know…

When I learned that you can have an incredible time in New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival without a ticket to the concerts at the Superdome, I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve discovered that, most of the visitors to New Orleans during the festival weekend don’t have tickets to the events at the Superdome!

So this is fantastic news for you and I, especially since we’re trying to have a wonderful time in New Orleans without a 2018 Festival ticket. We can use this fact to our advantage by learning the secrets others have known for years.

I’m sure that when you’re planning a trip you have an idea about the kind of activities and fun you want to have. You probably even visualized yourself walking through the French Quarter sipping a cool gin-lemonade, thirst quenching sweet tea, or eating beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Am I correct?

Typically, we book our hotel and air travel by scouring the internet for the best deals for money. Yet even in these hard economic times, when it comes to Essence Festival tickets, we never really seem to find a reasonable price anywhere.

So instead, lets use this powerful secret to have an amazing time at the Essence Music Festival without a ticket.
What is this secret?

Essence Festival Free Entertainment

All Free Entertainment is, is leveraging the corporate giveaways at the Essence Music Festival! This is done in multiple ways:

1. Free Seminars: The Ernest Morial Convention Center is packed full of free daily “Empowerment Seminars.” Past guest speakers include: Bill Cosby, President Barack Obama, and Dr. Cornel West.

2. Free Live Entertainment: Hotels and restaurants book DJ’s to play music from the sidewalk to lure people to their door for prizes and giveaways.

3. Essence Marketplace: While there are items being sold at the Essence Marketplace (which also takes place in the Ernest Morial Convention Center,) there are many corporations present offering free samples of everything from clothing items to beauty products. There are also restaurants offering free food!

Are there more secrets? Absolutely!

There’s a reason the festival bills itself the “Ultimate Party Weekend.” Celebrities often host their own parties at various clubs around town on each night of the festival and your biggest challenge will be deciding which one to attend.