Gwyneth Paltrow — LAPD Says Alleged Stalker Still A Real Threat

021716-gwyneth-paltrow-tmz-02Gwyneth Paltrow‘s alleged stalker is still a threat to the actress … no matter what the jury said in his felony stalking case — so says the LAPD. 

LAPD cops with direct knowledge of Dante Soiu tell us … they’re surprised a jury found him not guilty, but it doesn’t mean Gwyneth is safe. Soiu has showed signs of mental instability over a period of years, and a dangerous obsession with the actress.  

We’re told LAPD officials will meet with prosecutors to figure out why the case went south and how to shore up any future case against Soiu. One thing is clear … the LAPD doesn’t think this is the end of Soiu and his bizarre conduct toward Gwyneth. 

As we reported, Soiu threatened to use a scalpel to “cut out sin” in Gwyneth’s body. He sent her porn and 66 letters over the years. Gwyneth testified she was scared for her life, but it didn’t impress the jury.