Gwen Stefani Recalls How Blake Shelton “Popped The Question” On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Gwen Stefani is gushing over Blake Shelton… and revealing how he “popped the question.”

Stefani reluctantly opened up about Blake during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she initially vowed that she wouldn’t be speaking about Shelton “to see what happens.”

But despite Gwen’s original reluctance to discuss Blake, DeGeneres managed to get Stefani to (kind of!) chat about her The Voice co-star during her most recent appearance on the daytime talk show, which included some serious cooing while Ellen displayed a number of cozy photos of Gwen and Blake together over recent weeks.

“Let’s just look at pictures then,” DeGeneres told Gwen as romantic photos of Stefani sitting in Shelton’s lap at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Gala earlier this month flashed onto the screen behind them, after Stefani confessed that she’s opted not to speak of the country star.

“They didn’t have enough chairs at that event?” Ellen joked to Gwen of the photo, teasing “You had to sit on Blake’s lap?”

Gwen Stefani Reveals How Blake Shelton "Popped The Question" On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]Gwen then continued to stay tight-lipped on her Blake Shelton romance, telling DeGeneres “I love you” as the host joked about Stefani’s lack of her own chair at the Grammy party. “She’s so good because you just think you’re just talking to a normal person, then she’ll just throw one in,” Stefani told the audience of Ellen at the popular daytime talk show, to which Ellen coyly replied, “I am a normal person.”

That’s when Gwen Stefani retold the story of how Blake “popped the question” to her in the interview… but it’s probably not the big question we’re all thinking of.

“When he popped the big question…” Ellen asked Gwen – before clarifying that she was referring to Stefani joining Team Blake as a mentor on the new season of NBC’s The Voice – “how did he do that?”

“I want to be on that show as much as possible. It’s just [because] I got so much out of it,” Stefani replied, to which Ellen joked “You did!”

DeGeneres then hinted to Gwen and Blake’s romance once again during the interview, teasing “When you say you got so much out of it, what do you mean?” to which Gwen replied “I just come on and giggle and laugh… It’s so embarrassing.”

Stefani’s reluctance to get candid over her romance with Blake Shelton comes just days after Gwen confirmed during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that her new single “Make Me Love You” is about the country star.

Gwen finally came clean about the song and the couple’s blossoming romance on the late night talk show, admitting to Kimmel “It is, actually,” after the host asked Stefani “the song is about Blake Shelton?”

“I will admit that that song is about that guy, yeah,” Gwen confirmed earlier this month.

Gwen Stefani also got candid about her recent divorce from former husband Gavin Rossdale on the late night talk show, which she described as being a “tragedy.”

“What’s so crazy is that sometimes tragedy, if you really absorb it, you can turn it into something beautiful,” Gwen said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearing to reference her newfound romance with Blake, “and this whole album is about trying to take something that’s awful and healing from it.”

Both Blake and Gwen have so far kept pretty quiet on their romance, though Shelton did gush over his lady to People when it was announced the Stefani would be serving as his mentor on the upcoming series of the NBC talent show.

“We know we collaborate well together as coaches, so of course I would have her as my mentor, and she’s so smart and talented!” Shelton told People.

Watch Gwen Stefani’s latest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show below;

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]

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