Graffiti Artist Alec Monopoly — I Wanna Tag L.A. With Justin Bieber At ‘Believe’ Premiere


Justin Bieber — who famously tagged his way across South America and Australia — may unleash his spray cans on L.A. … with one of  the most infamous graffiti artists in the world, TMZ has learned.

Alec Monopoly will be front and center tonight at the premiere of Bieber’s new flick, “Believe,” at L.A. Live.  He’ll be painting on an 8′ X 10′ canvas — the inspiration will be Justin’s 5 album covers.

Monopoly will leave a blank space on the canvas for Justin to do his thing, and word is JB is game.

Monopoly’s not worried the Biebs will sully his work, saying Bieber has swag in the graffiti world.