Gary Johnson apologizes for ‘what is Aleppo?’ blunder in New York

Geography-challenged presidential candidate Gary Johnson apologized to his supporters during a campaign stop in Times Square on Saturday, and tried to make up for a foreign policy gaffe with an impromptu primer on Syria.

The low-polling Libertarian nominee peppered his remarks with words like “rebels” just two days after he flubbed a question about the Syrian conflict by answering it with a question: “What is Aleppo?”

“All of us work so hard and care so much about these issues,” Johnson told a crowd of about 300 during a campaign event at the Marriott Marquis hotel. “I blow it all on this whole, ‘What is Aleppo,’ and I’m sorry for that.”

Johnson greets supporters at a rally on Saturday in Times Square in New York City.

Johnson greets supporters at a rally on Saturday in Times Square in New York City.

(BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images)

To compensate for blanking on the name of the city at the heart of Syria’s devastating civil war, Johnson attempted to show off how much he knows about the conflict there.

Johnson says Aleppo gaffe is nothing compared to Trump’s mistakes

“We’ve got Assad on one side of Aleppo,” Johnson said. “We’ve got the Free Syrian Army on the other side, some of them that we are supporting. They’re aligned with the Islamists, some that we’re not so aligned with. “We arm the Free Syrian Army, and they lose their weapons … The Islamists get the weapons. In Raqqa, we’re aligned with the Kurds against ISIS. The Kurds are sideways with our ally Turkey, who’s not as much of an ally as they were because we invaded Iraq.”

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