Former pitcher broke-in, ate pizza, slept at scene of crime

A former minor-league baseball player was charged with burglary after an odd break-in last weekend in Pittsburgh, according to Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA.

Cory McGinnis

Cory McGinnis

Cory McGinnis, a former right-handed pitcher in the White Sox’s system, was found snuggled atop a pile of pillows with slices of leftover pizza nearby, cops allege, after kicking his way through the glass entry doors of Eyeflow Internet Marketing.

McGinnis, 26, played 20 games of Rookie-level ball in 2012-13 in the White Sox organization. The former 22nd-round draft pick was 1-2 with a 4.53 ERA and threw 47.2 innings. He’s also a distant relative, via marriage, of “Home Improvement” star Tim Allen.

The pizza was from the company’s pizza party on Friday and Phil LaBoon told KDKA that the burglar found the leftover slices.

“So the fridge was filled with leftover pizza, and he came in and just dumped a whole bunch of stuff out, dumped pizza out, and there’s trails of pizza leading to the backroom,” LaBoon, the company’s CEO, told the station.


LaBoon also told the station that McGinnis apparently searched the office to find pillows to set up a resting spot. He turned on a heater and was even charging his cell phone. The station said that the police’s arrest papers said McGinnis had pizza sauce on his left shoulder.

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Mmmmm, pizza.

“He was sleeping like a baby on a pile of pillows,” LaBoon told KDKA.

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