Filipino Worker Sues Bellagio Hotel — Boss Called Me Monkey! And I Have Carpal Tunnel!

021716-bellagio-lawsuit-getty-tmz-03A former Bellagio Hotel employee from the Philippines claims she was humiliated by her boss, who told her people from her country were direct descendants from monkeys. 

Vilma Miel claims in a new lawsuit she worked as a cage cashier for nearly 20 years, but it went south in 2014 when her supervisor began harassing her. 

She claims the guy called her an “old woman” and said Filipinos “originated from monkeys.”

Discrimination aside, she also claims she developed carpal tunnel syndrome during the 2015 Chinese New Year. She says she hopped on a flight to the Philippines to get treatment, and when she came back she was suspended and ultimately fired.

Miel is suing for discrimination based on national origin, age, and disability.