Drink Beer To Improve Chances Of Fathering A Child, Avoid Coffee, Suggests Study

Beer Might Be Good For Pregnancy

Couples trying to have a baby do tons of research to improve their chances. Here’s one more research to ponder which indicates that having beer might be a good idea for the dad-to-be.

If you’re a man and you’re trying to conceive, you should start drinking, according to a study published in the United States. Massachusetts General Hospital studied more than 100 men whose partners were undergoing IVF treatment between 2007 and 2013. The research claims a few beers a day increases chances of having a baby. However, in a not-so-surprising revelation, drinking even a few cups of coffee is bad for reproduction.

Downing Even A Few Cups Of Coffee Can Hamper Pregnancy

Downing Even A Few Cups Of Coffee Can Hamper Pregnancy

Massachusetts General Hospital found those who downed at least a pint-and-a-half each day were more than twice as likely to have children, and coffee had the opposite effect, reported The Daily Mail. More than two cups of Joe a day cut chances of becoming a father to just 1 in 5. However, before couples head to the pub instead of a resto-bar, please note, the study is limited only to those couples who were trying to conceive using assisted pregnancy techniques commonly referred to as In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF.

Dr. Anatte Karmon, who spearheaded the research and was able to analyze the findings, cautioned that she cannot be sure that caffeine and alcohol have the same effect on natural pregnancies. Speaking about the study, the obstetrician at Massachusetts General Hospital said,

“High male caffeine consumption appears to reduce couples’ chance of achieving a clinical pregnancy, while male alcohol consumption appears to enhance their chances.”

She did however add that pregnancy, like everything else related to the human body, depends a lot on how well you stay fit.

“Anything that is good for your heart health is also good for your fertility. So do physical exercise and eat a well-balanced diet.”

The study appears to have been conducted to investigate why IVF pregnancies failed, and how the couples can improve their chances of conception. Medically assisted pregnancies are expensive, not just on the pocket, but also on the heart, continued the doctor,

“If you can improve IVF success rates so you take home a baby on your first cycle, you are going to save a lot of emotional, financial and physical distress.”

There have been numerous studies which have attempted to advise the dos and don’ts before, during and after pregnancy. Medical researchers are still finding out newer linkages between lifestyle habits and conception. However, this is perhaps the first time that medical science has actually suggested maintaining intake of an alcoholic beverage to increase chances of conception.

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