Could You Be Ignoring Important Diabetes Symptoms?

Could you be ignoring important diabetes symptoms? Don't miss these warning signs.

Over 29 million Americas have been diagnosed with diabetes. While the numbers rise each year, it has been estimated that there are more than 8 million Americans who are battling diabetes undiagnosed and who are ignoring the diabetes symptoms that they are having which could lead to more serious health problems and diabetes complications, even death, if untreated.

Diabetes symptoms can often be so subtle that they are often ignored or overlooked, but ignoring diabetes symptoms can put your health at risk. Here are a few of the most common diabetes symptoms that you should be aware of.

A constant feeling of thirst is one of the more common of the diabetes symptoms that is often ignored; however, if you have a continuing thirst that does not seem to go away even though you are drinking at least eight glasses of water or more each day then this could be one of the diabetes symptoms that you may need to speak with your physician about. Other symptoms of diabetes that may seem subtle include being constantly hungry and frequent urination more than normal as well.

Diabetes symptoms can also include extreme fatigue, blurry vision, and wounds or bruises that may be slower to heal than normal. In addition to the general diabetes symptoms, Type 1 Diabetes symptoms may also include unexplained weight loss, particularly when it occurs as you have increased your calorie intake. Type 2 Diabetes symptoms may include pain, tingling or numbness in your hands or feet. Irritability and frequent, reoccurring infections may also be signs that you are experiencing diabetes symptoms.

While some patients will experience diabetes symptoms as a quick onset with increasingly more symptoms, others may experience little to no noticeable diabetes symptoms or may be tempted to overlook them. It is important to note that gestational diabetes, which occurs for women during pregnancy, may not exhibit any diabetes symptoms at all; therefore, it is very important for pregnant women to have regular screenings especially for those who are in a high risk category even if they do not notice any of the typical diabetes symptoms during their pregnancy.

If you think that you have been experiencing any of the diabetes symptoms mentioned here or have a family history of diabetes speak with your health care provider. Blood sugar levels can easily be checked at home and diet and lifestyle changes can make a lot of difference for those suffering with diabetes symptoms so do not delay speaking with your health care provider or nutritionist to learn more.

Disclaimer: The information here is presented for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical advice of any form.

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