Carmelo Anthony — Police Escort Against Policy … NYPD Says

We Did Not Authorize Police Escort

… NYPD Says



The NYPD tells TMZ Sports … it 100% did NOT authorize a police escort for Carmelo Anthony through the streets of New York City Friday evening … despite footage that appears to show otherwise. 

The NY Knicks star just posted footage shot from inside of a car … which is following a police vehicle that is driving against traffic on the opposite side of the street with sirens and lights blaring. 

You can hear Anthony saying, “Ain’t nothing like a police escort in all this traffic.”

We spoke with a NYPD spokesperson who tells us … “As a policy, we do not give police escorts through traffic for celebrities.”

It’s possible Carmelo’s car was following the cop car without the officer’s awareness or approval — but it seems unlikely since Melo’s car was driving against traffic on the opposite side of the street. 


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