Booze It And Lose It: Red Wine Is A Powerful Fat Burner, Research Claims

Researchers think they know why red wine protects against cancer.

New research suggest that consuming red wine or red grape juice could help you burn more fat. In fact, the study suggests utilizing red wine as a means to combat obesity.

The America Herald notes that the research was carried out by biologists at Oregon State University. What they discovered was red wine and grape juice are powerful fat burners because of a chemical called ellagic acid. Ellagic acid was able to “[decelerate] the development of present fat cells and the appearance of new ones.” It was also able to support liver cells and digestion. The ellagic acid made it easier for the body to digest unsaturated fats in liver cells.

The researchers further tested the ability of red wine to burn fat by testing it on lab mice. The study was performed on mice with a regular diet and mice with an exceptionally fatty diet. Though the mice in the “fatty” group were consuming enough fat to put on the weight, the biologists said that ellagic acid brought down the glucose of high-fat-fed mice close to the levels of the lean, ordinarily fed mice.

Exactly how much red wine or grape juice would a person need to consume? According to the study, not much. The grape extracts, scaled down to a mouse’s nutritional needs, were about the equivalent of one and a half cups of grapes a day for a person.

Could this treatment be used on humans? Scientists seem to think so as a large portion is not necessary.

“The portions are reasonable which makes our results more applicable to the human diet. If we could develop a dietary strategy for reducing the harmful accumulation of fat in the liver, using common foods like grapes that would be good news.”

In addition to ellagic acid, red wine also contains Resveratrol, which according to WebMD, may also be a fat burner. A study performed by Martin Wabitsch, M.D., Ph.D., a researcher from the University of Ulm in Ulm, Germany, shows that exposure to resveratrol prevented pre-fat cells from converting into mature fat cells in mice.

The research was also proven in a lab study of human fat cells. In the study, researchers “exposed some fat cells to resveratrol and did not expose a comparison group of fat cells to the antioxidant.”

“Forty hours is the normal doubling time [of pre-fat cells],” Wabitsch says.

“At 48 hours, the pre-fat cells in the control dish had more than doubled. In the resveratrol dish, the number of pre-fat cells had decreased by 40% to 45%.”

In other red wine health news, Inquisitr previously reported that a few glasses of red wine before bed can help boost a man’s testosterone level.

It seems the case for red wine being used as a fat burner is high. Red wine has not just one, but two, powerful fat burners working in its favor, according to multiple studies. What do you think? Do you drink red wine?

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