Australian fans went from sad kangaroos to ecstatic in 30 seconds

Australian fans are our favorite at the World Cup. Their immediate turnaround from Sad Kangaroo Suit Despair to Tim Cahill Ecstasy is the best.

Australian soccer fans experienced all possible emotions in about a minute in a half Wednesday.

First, Arjen Robben scored, and we got a slo-mo of a guy in a kangaroo suit yelling FUCK, perhaps the greatest fan shot in the history of sports:


However, Tim Cahill scored a GOLAZO immediately after, and that gave us this moment: Cupwoo_medium

On the other hand, Dutch fans:


Many didn’t expect Australia didn’t score at all in Brazil, but we’re so glad they have. We already got Fans Hoisting An Inflatable Kangaroo, and now this. The gift that keeps on giving. – All Posts