Antonio Tarver — Offers to Train Laila Ali … For Ronda Rousey Fight

Offers to Train Laila Ali

… For Rousey Fight



Rocky had Mickey. Daniel had Mr. Miyagi. And now Laila Ali has a wise mentor to guide her if she squares off with Ronda Rousey … with ex-champ Antonio Tarver formally offering to train Muhammad‘s baby girl.

Tarver — a former 5-time boxing champ — tells TMZ Sports he’s been friends with Laila for years and strongly believes he could train her up to beat the UFC star in a boxing match. 

“She knows I got her back and front,” Tarver says. 

In fact, he’s even got a game plan for Ali, who hasn’t stepped in the ring in 8 years — “[Laila] needs a serious training camp and a tune up fight.”

“I think it’s time to dust off [the gloves] and you got my services.” 

Tarver says Rousey is an “amazing athlete” — but he’s 100% confident he could train the 37-year-old back into face-bashing shape and get the biggest victory in female fight history. 

C’mon ladies … let’s make this happen.

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