A Meridian School’s Pilot Vaccine Program Mix-Up: FluMist Administered To Child Without Consent

The Meridian school district spokesperson said that durng the vaccine program, only one child has ever been given the flu vaccine by mistake.

An elementary school in Meridian, Idaho was in hot water with one student’s mother after a flu vaccine program mix-up. The West Ada School District was participating in a pilot flu vaccine program that allowed FluMist, the nasal flu vaccine, to be administered at some of the schools in the district. The mother was upset because she did not consent to her third grader receiving the vaccine at Prospect Elementary School in Meridian. The child’s mom wants answers.

The West Ada School District spokesperson said that it is a pilot program and they have already made plans to ensure there are no further mistakes with their flu vaccine administration. The flu vaccination program was extended to include ten schools this year, according to KTVB. The vaccine program was only supposed to allow for the administration of the FluMist nasal vaccine to children who brought in parental consent forms.

“In the last two years we had one case were a student received the flu mist who had not turned in a consent form,” the spokesperson stated.

As part of the program, parental consent must be acquired. Some parents will decline FluMist, according to KTVB, because children with asthma and children allergic to eggs might react badly to FluMist vaccination. According to the website for FluMist, people who have suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome in the past might consider avoiding this vaccine. The nasal vaccine might also not be a good fit for some children because of their households. For example, the FluMist manufacturer said that people in close contact with someone with a weakened immune system might consider avoiding the FluMist vaccine. Also, people who have weakened immune systems, diabetes, or heart, kidney or lung problems should discuss the risks with their doctors.

The manufacturer’s information states that people with a severe allergy to egg or other vaccine ingredients should not get the FluMist vaccine. Some people have life-threatening reactions to flu vaccines and those people should not be re-vaccinated, the manufacturer claims. Children who take aspirin or products that contain aspirin should also never get the FluMist vaccine, according to the manufacturer.

Letisha Huff, the mother of the third grader who was vaccinated without consent, said that she was very upset at first but later just wanted answers from the district. She was speaking out, she says, because some people should not be vaccinated with the flu vaccine. She says that, thankfully, her son is healthy. She says that she like vaccines but she thinks they should be administered at the doctor’s office, not at the school.

The school spokesperson said that anyone working with a student to give them the flu vaccine as part of the pilot program will now triple check that the student has a consent form before vaccinating them. Letisha told KTVB that she is glad that they will be triple checking for flu vaccine consent forms in all the schools in the program in Meridian, but she’s still uncomfortable with her child’s school participating in a pilot program that is susceptible to risky errors at all.

[Photo via Prospect Elementary School’s website]

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