2014 college football rankings, Week 7: Gathering the top 25s

Here are the AP and Coaches polls, plus a Sunday computer ranking. We’ll add another computer Monday, then mash them all together. Florida State remains No. 1, Mississippi State scores its highest AP ranking ever, and Ole Miss has its highest since 1964.

Week 6 was college football’s wildest slate of games yet, with an incredible 11 of the Top 25 teams losing (including five top-10 teams).

Expect Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas A&M to fall, but who replaces them at the top? Florida State is still undefeated, as are Auburn, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. Could Notre Dame sneak into the top four after a win over Stanford? What about TCU, sitting at 4-0 after upsetting the Sooners? This is the first time this college football season that there are real questions surrounding the week’s new polls.

We’ll update this post with all the Top 25 polls as they come out Sunday afternoon, capping it off Monday with our composite ranking, combining all four of the rankings.

First, the Sagarin ratings, which cares little for your head-to-head results, TCU and Mississippi State, and the Coaches Poll, with some major shake-ups. [Update: the Coaches and AP polls are here.]

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State Florida State Auburn
2 Auburn Auburn Oklahoma
3 Mississippi State, Ole Miss (tie) Baylor Ole Miss
4 Ole Miss Alabama
5 Baylor Notre Dame Baylor
6 Notre Dame Mississippi State Texas A&M
7 Alabama Alabama TCU
8 Michigan State Michigan State Mississippi State
9 TCU Oklahoma Notre Dame
10 Arizona Georgia Georgia
11 Oklahoma Oregon Oregon
12 Oregon TCU UCLA
13 Georgia Arizona Florida State
14 Texas A&M Texas A&M Michigan State
15 Ohio State Ohio State Stanford
16 Oklahoma State Kansas State LSU
17 Kansas State UCLA Ohio State
18 UCLA Oklahoma State Clemson
19 East Carolina East Carolina USC
20 Arizona State Arizona State Florida
21 Nebraska Nebraska Kansas State
22 Georgia Tech Stanford Arkansas
23 Missouri Georgia Tech Nebraska
24 Utah Missouri Wisconsin
25 Stanford Clemson Louisvlle

The four rankings we use:

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The Associated Press Top 25: The longest-running and best-respected human poll. Didn’t have any official bearing on the latter years of the BCS, and won’t have any official bearing on the Playoff. Expect it to set the course for the committee, however, as most outlets (including SB Nation) will use the AP’s rankings as the standard until the committee takes over in October. Usually comes out Sundays around 2 p.m. ET.

The USA Today Coaches Poll: Formerly part of the BCS, and now just a poll. It tends to be more conservative than the AP’s. Though polling athletic departments in order to rank other athletic departments is dubious, we still want multiple human polls in here, and it’s the other big one. Releases early Sunday afternoons.

Jeff Sagarin’s Sagarin Rating: An early-morning insta-ranking that combines three of Sagarin’s computer formulas into one. This is not the formula the BCS used, which excluded margin of victory.

Football Outsiders’ F/+ rating: A synthesis of ratings by smart persons Bill Connelly and Brian Fremeau and our personal go-to overall team stat. It tends to come out later than the others.

Last week’s composite Top 25:

Composite Average AP Coaches F/+ Sagarin
1 Alabama 1.5 1 Florida State Alabama Alabama Alabama
2 Oregon 2.75 2 Oregon Florida State Oregon Oklahoma
3 Oklahoma 3.25 3 Alabama Oklahoma Stanford Oregon
4 Florida State 4.5 4 Oklahoma Oregon Oklahoma Auburn
5 Auburn 5.5 5 Auburn Auburn Ole Miss Texas A&M
6 Texas A&M 7.25 6 Texas A&M Baylor Florida State UCLA
7 Baylor 7.5 7 Baylor Texas A&M Mississippi State Georgia
8 UCLA 9.5 8 UCLA Notre Dame Auburn Baylor
9 Stanford 10 9 Notre Dame UCLA Baylor Florida State
10 Ole Miss 10.5 10 Michigan State Michigan State LSU Stanford
11 Michigan State 11 11 Ole Miss Ole Miss Texas A&M Michigan State
12 Georgia 12 12 Mississippi State Georgia USC Notre Dame
13 Notre Dame 12.25 13 Georgia Stanford Michigan State LSU
14 LSU 13.25 14 Stanford Mississippi State Louisville USC
15 Mississippi State 14.25 15 LSU LSU UCLA Ole Miss
16 USC 15.5 16 USC Wisconsin Georgia Wisconsin
17 Wisconsin 17 17 Wisconsin Nebraska Ohio State Ohio State
18 Ohio State 18 18 BYU Ohio State TCU Kansas State
19 East Carolina 21.5 19 Nebraska BYU Wisconsin Florida
20 BYU 21.75 20 Ohio State USC Notre Dame Clemson
21 Nebraska 22 21 Oklahoma State East Carolina West Virginia Oklahoma State
22 Oklahoma State 22.5 22 East Carolina Kansas State Clemson South Carolina
23 Kansas State 22.75 23 Kansas State Oklahoma State Virginia Tech BYU
24 TCU 23.75 24 Missouri Arizona State Arkansas Mississippi State
25 Clemson 24.5 25 TCU TCU Oklahoma State Texas

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